Punjab enters last month of storm with downpour shortfall, Haryana in excess

Punjab enters last month of storm with downpour shortfall, Haryana in excess

As rainstorm enters its last month in the current year, Punjab is setting out toward underneath ordinary precipitation with 68% regions of the state being under shortfall downpour. Haryana, in the mean time, gives a vastly improved picture 63% locale in the state recording overflow downpour. 

In Punjab and Haryana, June to September period is considered as the storm time frame. 

Around 490 mm and 440 mm downpour is viewed as the typical rainstorm downpour in Punjab and Haryana, separately, during these four months. 

According to information sourced from the Indian Meteorological Department, Chandigarh Office, Punjab has gotten 294.6 mm precipitation from June to August 31 (aggregate downpour) against the necessary ordinary precipitation of 386.6 mm during this period, which is 92 mm (24 percent) beneath typical till date. 

In August, when the state required 160 mm precipitation in this specific month alone, just 70 mm downpour was recorded which is 90 mm not exactly the necessary typical. 

Precipitation was practically typical in initial two months — June and July — of the rainstorm. 

While July had shortfall downpour during initial three weeks, the last seven day stretch of the month has seen some weighty downpour that came about into generally ordinary aggregate downpour of the month. Be that as it may, and still, at the end of the day it was not very much dispersed.

Specialists said that when there was absence of required downpour during certain long stretches of the stormy season then the cost for the ground water was very weighty, something that substantial showers later can't compensate for. Punjab and Haryana are both the key rice cultivators and that negatively affects ground water. 

Out of 176.4 mm downpour needed during July, Punjab this year recorded 174.7 mm. In June, it recorded 49.9 mm downpour against required 50.4 mm.