2 Russian ladies discovered dead: Goa cops hang tight for international safe haven assent for posthumous

2 Russian ladies discovered dead: Goa cops hang tight for international safe haven assent for posthumous


A day after two Russian ladies were discovered dead in their condo in two separate episodes, a posthumous was at this point to be performed on the bodies, as the Goa police anticipated assent from the Russian international safe haven, police authorities said on Saturday. 

On Thursday evening, 24-year-old Alexandra Ri-Djavi was discovered hanging in her leased condo in Oxel in Siolim, North Goa. Djavi was a model and had advanced a Tamil film. Despite the fact that reports from 2019 with regards to a grievance she purportedly documented against a photographic artist in Chennai for supposedly extorting her and looking for sexual blessings reemerged via online media on Saturday, police authorities said the subtleties of that case are yet to be inspected. In any case, they additionally said that the case doesn't appear to be connected to her demise, in view of the examination up until now. 

While police authorities presume no treachery for the situation, they have discovered no self destruction note in Djavi's condo. 

On account of Ekaterina Titova (34), who was discovered dead in her bed likewise on Thursday evening at about 7.20 pm, police authorities said that the bearing of examination for the situation will rely upon the discoveries of the after death that is as yet anticipated. There were no outside wounds on her body. 

The bodies have been protected at the Goa Medical College in Bambolim. 

Titova, was in her condo in Oxel, Siolim, with a female companion, additionally a Russian public, the earlier evening. As indicated by the police, the ladies had been devouring liquor until almost immediately Thursday morning after which Titova headed to sleep in her room. Her companion, who started off late evening on Thursday found that there was no reaction, after which she opened the room entryway and discovered her lying still in her bed, said Suraj Gawas, Police Inspector at Anjuna police headquarters where the two cases are enlisted.